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My Award Winning Websites!

My Winning Websites through Rocketspark

It's such an honour to have the opportunity to create beautifully functional websites for my clients through the Rocketspark website platform. 

To be recognised for my efforts, along with the copywriters, photographers and of course the clients... is the icing on top of the cake!

I am thrilled to showcase my Partner Website of the Month winning sites below, along with the feedback from the Rocketspark team.

Partner site of the month ~ November 2023

Rocketspark is thrilled to celebrate Miss Fox Aesthetics for winning Site of the Month for November 2023.

This site has harnessed beautiful illustrations throughout the site, which seamlessly weave a narrative that reflects the studio's playful nature. They have even added some moving animations (Called Lottie animations  — How to add Lottie Animations to Rocketspark here) that create a more engaging and fun experience.  

The copy has been cleverly crafted to echo the brand's personality, that catches your attention and leaves a lasting impression. The down-to-earth tone resonates throughout the site and helps to speak to their target audience. 

They have included stunning high quality photography that gives a glimpse into their fun natured studio. Showcasing little parts of their services that help to create trust for the potential customer. 

This website embraces a trendy design aesthetic with good spacing. With clear call to actions and compelling links that entourage the viewer to explore deeper into the site. The site seamlessly adapts to mobile screens, ensuring a fantastic user experience on the go.

Congrats to Designerbloom on designing this visually stunning website!

Also shout out to SG Editorial on their awesome photography on this site and Articulate Communications on the copy for this website

Partner site of the month September 2022 | Winner Designerbloom
Partner site of the month September 2022 | Winner Designerbloom | Website Mark My Words Copywriting Website

Partner site of the month ~ September 2022

Mark my words by Designerbloom is our site of the month winner for September 2022.

When this site is first loaded the user is greeted with beautiful typography, a clear title about the purpose of the website which is supported by a crisp, professional photo of the business owner. The professional photography throughout this site is a huge asset to the success of this website which gives a relatable and trusting first impression.

The site makes good use of the full width sticky header with the key call to action as a button that makes for easy navigation. This site is rich with content and with a clear hierarchy through effective headings and spacing between sections, this makes it easy to digest the information on this website.

The natural colour palette used on this site compliments the photography, allowing the images the pop. The organic lines from the logo have been added throughout the site design to create visual points of interest but it also ties the branding back to the website well.

Overall, this is a great website design, well done Designerbloom.

Partner site of the month May 2022 | Winner Designerbloom
Jan James home & body | Website of the Month Winner | Designerbloom

Partner site of the month ~ May 2022

Jan James home & body by Designerbloom is our site of month winner for May 2022. 

This website ticks all the boxes that make for a beautiful website. The use of stunning typefaces that are in theme to the subject of the website, the content being well spaced gives each section adequate breathing space. This also gives the website a sense of elegance and professionalism. 

Most of all though, the photography is what takes this website from good to great. From the moment the home page is loaded you are greeted with a stunning full screen image showing some of the product range. The hero image is complemented with the full width header that overlays the image which brings another layer of sophistication to the design. 

Every page on this website has beautiful and consistent photography of the product range which makes the website feel complete and unified. 

The natural tones of the colour palette really emphasise the feel of handmade quality products. The colours used throughout the site are consistent, simple and compliment the colours in the photography. The website is not only beautiful, it's functional too. It's easy to navigate through the website which is helped with a carefully contained amount of content.

Well done Sara-Jane!

Rocketspark Partner site of the month for November / December 2021 | Designerbloom

Partner site of the month ~ November / December 2021

Treasured Flowers by Designerbloom is our site of the month winner for the months of November / December 2021. This website was carefully selected as our winner as it showed strengths in all areas, including design, creativity, functionality and mobile.

The design has been well executed to reflect the industry it sits within and the product / service that it offers. It breaks free from the stack by stack look with creative backgrounds which enhances the flow of content and encourages the urge to investigate further. The beautiful photography, especially on the gallery page really sells the quality of the end product and builds trust in their service.

With the combination of flower photography, illustration, use of type and colours used, it has provided a coherent experience through the entire website. Also the call to action is clear with simple and easy communication of the process that is involved and what is required from the customer. 

The inclusion of the well crafted instagram feed at the bottom of selected pages is another great asset to this website, as it not only further showcases the great work Treasured Flowers do, the website and instagram page are both creatively aligned.

Rocketspark Partner Website of the Month | September 2021 | Designerbloom

Partner site of the month ~ September 2021

Almond Consulting by Designerbloom is our site of the month winner for September 2021. 

It is a service based business offering a safe place for private counselling to people who are facing challenging times. The website design itself captures the feeling of a warm, comfortable and trustworthy environment through its soft colour palette and organic shapes and illustrations.

The website is clear and easy to follow, the body text content is nicely divided up into each section so it encourages the viewer to read the content and stay engaged. There are clear call to actions throughout the site, which allows the viewer to easily find out more about the service offering, how to book a time or to contact.

Throughout the website it uses constant styling, colours and layout to provide a simple and clear user experience. The professional photography is a real asset to this website, as it is used throughout the website and provides the feeling of a high quality service.

Winning Website March 2019 | Miss Fox | by Designerbloom Wellington

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