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I want you to feel proud of your brand

I help you take your one-of-a-kind message, values, and offerings to craft an authentic visual brand for your business. Embracing simplicity, I use typography, space and minimalistic elements to inject creativity into each project.

Getting your logo right

Customers generally form their opinion of a business within the first few seconds of their encounter. Often, your logo and company name are the first thing that they see. The colour, font, size and style of your logo says a lot about your business, so you’ll want to make sure that it represents who you are and what you offer. Designerbloom takes the key messages of your business and turns them into a visual icon that will catch people’s attention and encapsulate your brand.

“I’m so so happy with all the work you’ve done for me and love every version of the logo. They’re simple, timeless, modern... exactly what I asked for and better!” Amber

Logo & Branding investment options

Logo & Branding Package NZ$1,425

As a business it’s so important to have a great quality logo design and company branding which looks professional.

This package is suitable if you're looking for a creative, original, clever, and authentic design for your business.

What's included?

Start-Up Logo Package NZ$1,025

With this package you will have the basics to get your brand looking clean and consistent so you can start out on the right foot.

What's included?

Tidy-Up Logo Package NZ$475

This option is suitable if you;

  • already have a logo but are not entirely happy with it and require some alterations such as colour, layout, position or font
  • require an icon/responsive version of your logo
  • require a vector^ version of your logo
  • have your perfect logo idea but need a graphic designer to create and refine it.

With a quick turnaround, you will receive a professional and polished logo collection to enhance your business.

Please note, if you require a vector version of a complex graphic there will be additional design time charges. This package is not suitable if you're looking for new design ideas and concepts.

Logo Design – Designerbloom Graphic Design – Wellington, New Zealand

Alterations outside of the package specifications will incur additional fees.

Suggested stock images will be sourced from Royalty-Free and Public Domain CC0 (Creative Commons Zero) websites. If you require images which are non Royalty-Free and Public Domain CC0 you will be advised about the relevant fees.

  • Print-friendly: vector files for printing purposes (supplied as pdf, ai, svg).
  • Web-friendly: created for online use, including png with a transparent background and jpg. Sent in small, medium and large sizes. More information about file types can be found on my blog.
  • Primary logo: the version of your logo which will be used first and foremost in all your marketing.
  • Responsive logo: designed to show varying detail according to the size they are displayed.
  • Favicon: the small icon displayed on your website browser address bar.
  • Logo Guidelines: includes details of fonts used, colour breakdown, and basic logo usage instructions.
  • Visual Identity Branding Guidelines: a far more detailed version of the Logo Guidelines. This is your guide for creating any new images for your website, documents, or other communications. Click here to read my blog about these guideline documents.

Pre-made Logos and Branding

At Buds to Bloom, I believe that every design deserves to be showcased. That's why I repurpose some of the unused concepts from every logo and branding project I undertake, to offer you an affordable branding option.

The pre-designed collection allows you to find the perfect match for your business, and get your branding beautifully done in just 10 business days! Each design has gone through a highly thoughtful client-attracting process, so you can rest assured that your brand will stand out from the crowd.


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