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Corporate Graphic Design

What is meant by corporate design?

Designing for corporate (a large company or group) means working with their existing corporate branding; their identity and communications. It comprises the visual and linguistic staging of the brand and serves to make the identity and values of a company visible.

Aside from branding and web design, I also love corporate design!

Since my Design Agency days back in 2002 I've had vast amounts of experience designing corporate literature. From an an Award Winning Annual Report for Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Mental Health Partnership NHS Trust (UK 2004) to recent Campaign documents for the NZ Coastguard.

Below is a showcase of a variety of corporate designs I have created over recent years. I welcome any queries and requests for corporate design work, including White Label for design agencies. Please send me an email to or use my contact form to get in touch.

Tissue Paper Design | Designerbloom Graphic Design | Wellington

Wellington Corporate Design – an area of expertise!

It all started way back in 2002 when I was employed to design printed newsletters, annual reports and real estate adverts in the UK. I learned a lot about word placement and readability, and developed excellent skills in adjusting my design style to suit the organisations branding – I'm a design chameleon! 

Fast forward to now, I have not only created many Wellington Corporate Designs, but also throughout New Zealand and Australia.

How you benefit from my experience

I have many years experience in office and design agency environments. I pride myself on my ability to provide clients with the best Wellington Corporate Design and support, not only in Wellington, but throughout New Zealand and afar.

Kind Words | Testimonial for Designerbloom Graphic Design

"I cannot speak highly enough of Sara-Jane...

"I have worked in brand marketing for almost 20 years and based on my extensive experience working with marketing agencies and designers both here in NZ and the US, she is one of the best

"Not only is she an exceptional graphic designer (her work is meticulous and visually stunning), but she is also extremely well-versed in all of the technical aspects of digital marketing and social media. She possesses the breadth of knowledge you would expect to receive from a much larger design agency, with the added bonus of nimbleness and responsiveness you can expect from a small business. 

"I also found her on a personal level to be so much fun to work with - her enthusiasm, upbeat personality and passion is contagious - I felt like she became more of a ‘business partner’ rather than just a vendor. She always went above-and-beyond, blowing all of my expectations out of water

"I know who will be working on all of my design projects in the future! Thanks Sara-Jane! Joanna."

Reviews from Happy Clients | Designerbloom

Joanna Deitch, Mio Catering, Hawke's Bay


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