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Discover Your Perfect Pre-Made Logo and Brand Identity with Buds to Bloom

Professionally designed. Sold once.

Pre-Made Logos – Perfect for those who say “I’ll know it when I see it!”

With Buds to Bloom you can view a collection of pre-made logo and brand identities, have your perfect match tailored to your business name, and get your business beautifully branded within 10 business days!

Elevate Your Brand Image with Affordable Pre-Made Logos from Buds to Bloom

In the competitive world of business, a professional brand image is essential for attracting your ideal clients and cultivating trust and loyalty. However, traditional branding processes can often be overwhelming or financially unfeasible, especially for those just starting out.

That's why I offer a range of pre-made logos designed specifically for individuals who may not be ready to commit to a full branding package or extensive logo services. While my tailored solutions and in-depth research cater to specific target markets, these pre-made logos provide a cost-effective alternative without compromising on quality.

Take a step towards creating a captivating brand identity. Explore my collection of pre-made logos and embark on your branding journey today!




Every design is original, sold once, and includes:

Primary logo
Secondary logo
Brand icon
Brand Style Guide
Colour palette & font selections

How it works

1 // Browse the logo collection

I recommend you read the description that accompanies each concept, to help you get a feel for the the kind of business it was designed for.

2 // Identify your perfect match

You’ll know it when you see it! It’s the one that steals your heart, matches your brand personality, and makes you nervous that someone else might snatch it up first!

​3 // Send an enquiry

Pop your details in the Request To Buy form. I’ll ensure the design would be a perfect fit for your brand name. Then I’ll get back to you with approval to purchase!

​4 // Payment

Payment is required upfront before designing commences. Once the invoice is paid I take the logo off the market and start to customise it for you.

5 // Colours and fonts

I’ll send you a collection of colours and font combinations. I’ll pre-select my favourites for you, but you have the final decision.

​6 // Design

Relax while I craft your logo in your business name and output all the files in your chosen colour palette. Your logo will come in all the formats you’ll ever need for print and digital.

​7 // It’s launch time!

Your branding is complete and you’re ready for launch. I’ll provide easy download access for your files. The Brand Style Guide will help you use your new identity in a captivating and cohesive way.

​8 // Freedom & Flexibility

Want to use your branding on some business cards or beyond? You can! Your branding now belongs to you, giving you the freedom to use it as you wish for the life of your brand. Pass it on to your designer, pop it on your site... use it however you wish!

Ideal if you're:

  • Struggling to articulate your ideas, yet confident you’ll “know it when you see it”
  • Concerned by the idea of a custom design process and potentially ending up with a design you’re less-than-thrilled with
  • Eager to get your idea to market and start interacting with potential clients/customers ASAP
  • Launching a new product or idea that needs beautiful branding, but not necessarily a full custom-branding process

Not suitable if you're:

  • Looking for a customised, hand-drawn typographic logo
  • Hoping for a lot of one-on-one contact, conversations and advice from your designer
  • Keen to dive really deep when it comes to your brand guidelines
  • Indecisive, hate choice, and would prefer to be steered when it comes to the best approach for your business

If that sounds more like you, I’d love to chat about my custom branding packages and other design services.

Request To Buy

Please answer the questions below so I can make sure the logo design you’ve fallen for is the perfect fit for your business!

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Thanks for sharing your details. I’ll take a look at everything and get back to you within 2 business days (excluding the month of January).

My full Branding Services involve a tailored solution and extended research into your target market. If you’re interested in a bespoke branding solution you can contact me here.


How do I know if the logo is right for my business?
I’ve created my logos with certain types of businesses in mind. I’ve created a profile for each design with suggestions of what kind of brand vibe and business the logo would be suitable for. If you’re stuck (or like more than one design) just ask for help.

How do I select my colours and fonts?
I will supply a colour and font collection with multiple combinations for you to choose from. Once your invoice is paid, I will send you links to access these libraries, and you will nominate your selection for your brand. If you have existing colours and fonts, or have selected your own, I can incorporate these into your Brand Style Guide for you too.

How do I purchase a logo concept?
Simply click the ‘Request To Buy’ button and send your details my way! I’ll familiarise myself with your business and brand name to ensure the design would be the perfect fit. Then I’ll get back to you with approval to purchase and an invoice to secure your logo.

What are my options for paying the invoice?
I require payment upfront before I start designing. Once your invoice is paid, I take the logo off the market and start to adapt it for you. Your invoice can be paid using Bank Transfer (NZ only), or PayPal. Designerbloom is not GST registered.

Will you prepare a free proof of the logo/s I like using my business name so I can see what it looks like?
If you’re struggling to picture your brand name in a certain logo, please get in touch and I’ll see what I can do! I can usually assist.

Can you make additional alterations to the concept to suit my vision?
Additional customisation can be provided at my hourly rate of $90/hr. If you’re looking for extensive customisation, a one-on-one custom design package may be better suited to your needs. Please get in touch and I can take it from there.

How long will it take to receive the final branding package?
I will respond to your Request To Buy within 2 business days. If everything looks good, I’ll send you an invoice, due within 48 hours. Once paid, I’ll mark the concept as ‘sold’ and start the clock. I’ll aim to finalise your branding package within 10 business days (often sooner). To meet this deadline I’ll need you to confirm your colours and fonts within 48 hours of sending you the collection.

Why do you have to approve my logo before I can buy it?
Occasionally someone else may have already requested to purchase the logo design and I am waiting for payment from them. I only ever sell each design once so if this is the case, I will let you know straight away. In other cases, it may be that your business name won’t suit the design concept and I’ll happily discuss that with you and suggest other options.

What file formats will I receive my logo in?
The logo will be delivered in PNG and JPEG (for web) and .EPS, and PDF (for print.)

Will I receive a Brand Style Guide?
Yes! Your Branding Style Guide will greatly assist your branding consistency and allow you to communicate your brand assets to any employees or contractors who may be completing work for your brand. It will consist of;

  • an introduction to your logo and general rules for its use
  • an overview of your primary and secondary logo formats, and your brand icon
  • an introduction to, and overview of, your brand fonts
  • an introduction to, and overview of, your brand colours. I’ll provide you with the HEX code and RGB (for web) and CMYK (for print).

How will the final files be delivered?
Your branding package will be made available for easy download via a Google Drive or Hightail link. They will be guaranteed to be available for 10 business days. After that time, they become your responsibility. I recommend that you have a dedicated external drive to store a master copy to keep it safe at all times.

Can I re-sell designs I purchase from Buds To Bloom?
Your license is transferrable if you sell or merge your business. However, you may not re-sell any designs from Buds To Bloom.

Do you offer refunds?
No, each sale is final and non-refundable. This is because there is significant work involved to custom-fit the design to your business name and prepare your branding package. 

Can you also design some business cards, and other brand materials for me?
Absolutely! I work one-on-one with clients all the time. Please let me know upon enquiry if you’re interested in this service.

Can anyone else buy the same logo? 
No. Once you have paid for the logo design, I will remove it from sale straight away. This means that the logo design is yours alone and you’ll never see it for sale elsewhere. 

What do I do if I don’t have a business name yet?
Unfortunately, I can’t help with this. BUT once you’ve nailed your name be sure to come back!


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