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Own a website you'll love showing off

With my expertise as a Rocketspark Design Partner, I'm thrilled to create modern and professional websites that are not only visually appealing but also incredibly user-friendly for you to update and manage. Together, we'll embark on a website design journey that captures the essence of your brand and delivers a seamless online experience.

Using Rocketspark's powerful website builder and my passion for web design, we'll collaborate to bring your vision to life. From eye-catching aesthetics to optimal functionality, your website will be a true reflection of your business. Let's work side by side to create a website that you can proudly showcase to the world.

Take a peek at my Web Design Packages and get inspired for your own digital masterpiece.

Web Design – Designerbloom Graphic Design – Wellington, New Zealand

Invite potential clients to find you on search platforms and impress them with great design and functionality.

  • Easy to edit and update yourself
  • Customised to your brand
  • Responsive and Mobile friendly
  • Social Media integration
  • Features can include custom contact forms and much more
  • Excellent support systems directly through Rocketspark
  • Website files backed up automatically through Rocketspark
  • Free updates – Ts&Cs apply

My Web design packages also include optimising your website so you get the big tick from Google:

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) setup
  • Google Analytics setup
  • Submitting your sitemap to Google Search Console
  • SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate

Before we launch your website I recommend you set up your Google My Business, it's a simple process and you'll find step-by-step instructions here.

Confused about Responsive Websites and SEO? Please visit my FAQ’s page for more information.

1-Page Scrolling Website, from NZ$1,750

A perfect budget option if you're a start up business looking to get your name and services out there.

The beauty of a one-page website is its simplicity. There’s no need to click around and visit pages on the site to find information. Prospects can scroll to find the information they’re searching for on the homepage (the only page). Typically, a one-page website consists of five key parts:

  1. Feature header: your logo/branding look and feel

  2. Hero banner: a combination of words and an image that immediately conveys what you do and states the problems you help solve

  3. Services banner: 2-3 services elaborating on the hero banner

  4. About banner: connects prospects to your company’s purpose and team

  5. Call-to-Action banner: urges your visitor to make a booking/ contact you.

1-page hosting costs are paid directly to Rocketspark. As of 1 January 2023 these are $275+gst/year (or $25+GST/month) - prices subject to change. Please contact Rocketspark directly to enquire about current 1-page hosting fees.

Multi-Page Website, from NZ$3,250

  • Home page plus four sub-pages (typically: About, Services, Kind Words/Gallery, Contact)

  • Bonus Instagram landing page (a alternative; see mine here)

  • Blog functionality (if required)

  • Shop (charged additionally per hour)

Price is approximate, and based on a non e-commerce website with 1 homepage and 4 additional pages.

Additional page creation: from $300 per page.
View hosting costs.

Prices are based on all content supplied (words and images) being the final edit. Alterations to supplied content will be charged additionally. Prices can vary widely due to the number of pages, page content, stock imagery requirements, and what you are able to supply. My design and build price does not include the hosting or domain costs.

Crafting Your Website: A Step-by-Step Guide to Success

Working with Your Copywriter: Creating Engaging Website Copy

Crafting well-written website copy is an art. It involves carefully considering keywords and SEO to enhance your online presence. However, tackling this task alone can be overwhelming.

That's why professional assistance is invaluable. A skilled copywriter provides a solid starting point, allowing you to refine and enhance the content during the review process. This collaborative approach ensures that your website copy captures your brand essence while aligning with SEO goals. With expert guidance, you can create compelling copy that engages your target audience and drives desired results.

Where I Start: Designing an Eye-Catching Concept

To kickstart the design process, I'll create a captivating static design concept. This concept will incorporate your existing branding and the content you've provided. I'll carefully select online stock photography that visually communicates your message effectively.

Once you receive the design concept, we'll work closely together to refine and perfect it before bringing it to life on the Rocketspark platform. This collaborative approach ensures that the final design aligns with your vision and utilises.

Building Your Website: User-Friendly and Customisable

Once you're satisfied with the design concept, I'll begin building your website using the user-friendly Rocketspark platform. This platform is known for its simplicity and intuitive interface.

As a Rocketspark Design Partner, I'm excited to create modern and professional websites that are visually appealing and incredibly user-friendly for you to update and manage. Together, we'll embark on a website design journey that captures your brand essence and delivers a seamless online experience.

A Website You'll Love to Show Off: Modern and User-Friendly

After completing the website, you'll have the ability to log in and make updates to the written content according to your preferences.

While you're free to make changes to the design and imagery, I recommend maintaining collaboration in this aspect to ensure a visually flawless and cohesive website. By working together, we'll ensure that your website meets your functional needs and maintains its visual appeal.

Already have a Rocketspark Website?

Do you already have your own Rocketspark website, but feel like it could use a touch of design magic to truly shine? Look no further! I'm here to help you take your existing website to the next level. Don't hesitate to reach out and let's unlock the full potential of your Rocketspark website!

Interested in a pre-made Website?

If you're dreaming of a stunningly designed website but facing financial constraints, I have the perfect solution for you. Introducing my pre-made website designs, tailored specifically for those who desire affordable options without compromising on visual appeal.

Unleash the power of professional copy and dazzling images on your website!

When it comes to creating a website that truly captures the essence of your brand, it's not just about a stunning design – it's the captivating copy and eye-catching images that make it pop!

If you've already nailed down these crucial elements, congratulations! While my packages don't include custom brand photography or copywriting services, fear not! I have a secret stash of incredibly talented and imaginative professionals who can help take your website to exhilarating new heights.

Let's join forces and make your website an irresistible digital masterpiece. Reach out to me today, and together, we'll transform your online presence into something truly extraordinary!

Content writers

Properly written website copy is an art - it needs to factor in keywords and SEO. Sometimes writing your website copy can be overwhelming. It is really nice to have help getting it all together as a starting place, and then being able to make refinements when you can see the first draft. 

Alternatively, other clients feel confident writing their own first draft of the copy, and then sending it to a copywriter to edit and offer suggestions for elements which may be missing, or how to order the sections. They’ll tailor to your unique situation to make the process easy for you.

It's best for me to design and build your website after you have worked a copywriter. Here are my top 3 writers I have worked with and recommend:


Stop hiding and put the real you out there! Brand photoshoots provide your dream clients with a sense of trust, loyalty, and assurance in your business, especially if it involves visiting client homes (a home organiser) or meeting in person (a massage therapist).

You don't have to have that cheesy 'estate agent' smile, why not be laughing at something off-camera? Or working on your skill?

I work with photographers who will not only make you look amazing but will do so by keeping you at relaxed and at ease throughout your session. I provide my photographers with a style guide and art direction, making sure your entire site looks aligned.

Professional copywriting and photography matched with my design skills will turn your website from amazing to WOW! Not to forget how much more appealing it will be to your clients, and far more attractive to Google Search engines. It's best for me to design and build your website after you have worked with these experts.

What's the design process?

I’ll custom design your website homepage and show you PDF proofs to provide feedback and sign off on. We’ll work together to make sure it is perfect before the web development begins. Before your site goes Live I’ll set up Google Analytics, Google Search Console, SEO and keywords to the back end of your site; this is a must for being found in Google!

"I have had the privilege to see Sara-Jane's work many times over the past few years. She is consistently producing websites to an extremely high standard, and this is reflected in our recognition of this work with our curated accolades. I oversee 100's of designers world-wide, and Sara-Jane stands tall among the best. I would recommend her, and often do, to anyone that is in need of a fantastic design aesthetic and a highly effective business tool that a website should be." ~ Jason Tiller, Rocketspark


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