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Spotlight on Sara-Jane Austen, from The Freelance Village

Sara-Jane Austen | Designerbloom Graphic Design and Website Design | Wellington

Our villagers get to be involved in some amazing projects with awesome clients and this month we’re shining a spotlight on Sara-Jane Austen – a graphic designer from Wellington who specialises in visual branding and web design. 

As you can see from her work below – she's an absolute rockstar! And we're so happy that she is a part of our village of freelancers.

Here's one of her most recent projects (that she got through TFV), and if you want to see more, head to her website Designerbloom.

Product Label Design by Designerbloom

Photography by Karaena Vincent:

ORYZAE - Product Label Design

I'd like to share my Oryzae project, as Manabu Konishi (owner) found me on The Freelance Village! He's my first and only referral so far from your platform, and he was a pleasure to work with! He contacted me asking if I could design some labels for his new Japanese health drink range which he would market and sell at Nelson markets.

I designed the entire look for Oryzae, I used Pinterest for inspiration for the brand as I wanted something a little unusual and out of the box. We refined the overall concept to simple and statement labels, featuring the Japanese symbol for Amazake (pronounced ah-mah-ZAH-kay; a traditional Japanese drink made of fermented rice). 

On my intake form Manabu explains that he chose to hire me because "I really love your style of designs. Moreover, I see your dedication to the job and how you want to support the businesses that you are trustworthy."

Product Label Design by Sara-Jane Austen

Photography by Karaena Vincent:

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