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"No one wants to read your life story"

...that’s what they say. But perhaps you want to see if we’ll connect before contacting me?

"No one wants to read your life story"

I invite you to read my story here!

Sara-Jane Austen Designerbloom Graphic Design

I’m Sara-Jane Austen, owner and founder of Designerbloom Graphic Design

If you’d like to know why I want to work with you and how I came to this decision then please settle in and have a read! 

Here you can learn all about what motivates me, my design background, and why you might considering hiring me as your designer.

Me; the basics

I’m a creative English girl living in New Zealand. 

In November 2010 a daughter became my whole world, and my design business fell silent (I’m sure you’ll understand!). I soon added a son to the mix… and 6 years later I finally found the time, energy and passion to fully immerse myself back into the world of graphic design, while still being available for my children outside of school. I mostly got back in to design to find a renewed purpose for myself, I love being creative, and after many years as “just mum” getting back to design became the therapy I was in need of.

My motivation to get back into design

Via social media I soon realised there are many go-getters out there with a dream, who are unsure of how to create a visual identity for their new business, or how to improve their existing one. My experience in the design industry (since 2002) has lead to a great eye for design, and I decided to refocus my services to cater for clients requiring new or refreshed branding and marketing collateral.

My career background

As a child I was always attracted to things that looked pretty; people, places, objects, stationery... as I grew older I developed a love for photography, posters, CD covers, wall art, etc.

Once I discovered there was a career path called Graphic Design I embraced it with open arms, I finally felt I knew what I wanted to do in life!

I gained my first employment in 2002 straight after graduating with a Higher National Diploma in Graphic Design, thanks to a course leader who recommended me for a local graphic designer position. 

This first 9-5 office job involved designing print material for a public relations company, including community newsletters, annual reports for the public health sector, local borough councils, and real estate adverts. Three years later I changed jobs to design book jackets, CD covers, gift cards, posters and printed gift items for a UK publishing company. 

In January 2008 I made the big move to New Zealand. I knew that to succeed on this new path I needed to build up a business, so in February 2008 I founded Designerbloom Ltd. I initially set up my company in order to contract out my design skills to local Wellington businesses, primarily designing advertising material for Resene Paints. It was after creating designs for EGG Maternity in Wellington and Christchurch that I realised where my passions lay; helping small to medium businesses become the best they can and set themselves up as professionals and leading the way. I wanted to pursue clients wishing to own simple, clean, uncluttered designs that sell.

My mission

My mission is to provide high quality graphic design and branding that is affordable for small to medium businesses by offering a creative, honest and friendly service. I’ve had the pleasure of providing branding solutions for many clients worldwide. My favourite jobs are the ones where I have creative freedom to provide complete branding solutions.

Why choose me?

By choosing to work with me you are guaranteeing yourself one-on-one attention; I care about you and your business, and I want to see you grow and flourish and turn your dreams in to a successful reality. I can offer you some excellent industry contacts who I personally know and guarantee they will also offer you the care and dedication that I will as your designer. 

I partner with printers, content writers, SEO specialists, photographers, and email marketing specialists. I am also proud to build websites as a Rocketspark Design Partner.

How I work

I work from my home office in Aotea, Porirua, near Wellington. My office hours are 9am-2.45pm (excluding NZ School Holidays) so I can fit in my other full time job of raising two humans! 

Designerbloom's Brand Voice

A white rose, standing tall in a field of wild flowers. 

It took time, dedication and passion to grow.

There is scattered colour all around. 

The rose stands out because of its understated elegance and simplicity.

This rose has a soft, poetic scent. 

Surrounded by strong, architectural petals. it is an image of clarity.

Worded by Rachel Rennie from Frankly Write


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