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Email Marketing for Small Business: A Simple Guide

Let's break down the basics of email marketing for small business, covering why it's important, what you need to do to get started, the tools available, and some practical tips and tricks.

Why Email Marketing Matters for Your Small Business

Building Trust and Customer Confidence
Regularly emailing your clients can help your business in many ways:

  • Teach them about your business

  • Build trust

  • Stay in their thoughts

  • Show leadership

  • Keep in touch easily

  • Save time

How to create an email campaign

Getting Ready for Email Marketing

Before you start, think about:

Audience: Who are you talking to?
Content: Keep it short and simple. Here are some ideas:

  • Updates about your industry

  • Happy client stories

  • Answer common questions

  • Your take on current events

  • Fun facts or images

  • Comparing your products or services

  • News about your industry

  • Surveys and results

Preferences: Think about how often you want to talk to your customers. Do they want to hear from you weekly, monthly, or when you have news? Being consistent helps build trust. Make it easy for customers to update preferences by adding an “unsubscribe” button. It’s a legal requirement.

Time of Sending: According to research, the best time to send an email is 10am in the morning during the middle of the week, ie, not on Mondays or Fridays. You can test and measure to see what works best for you and your customers.

Choosing the Right Email Platform

There are many platforms available, it's important to search around and find one which fits your needs. Here are some platforms to get you started:

  • Mailchimp: Free* for up to 500 customers, with a user-friendly interface.

  • HubSpot: Free* for up to 2000 users, detailed analytics, and send time optimisation.

  • Campaign Monitor: Pricing starts from $18 p/m*, with easy email building and excellent reporting features.

*2023 stats

Building an Engaging Email

A great email should have:

  • A catchy subject line

  • Pictures and stats

  • Your logo and brand name

  • A friendly intro

  • Clear headings

  • Call to actions “register now”, “find out more” etc

  • Clear subject dividers 

  • Engaging imagery

Mailchimp Template Design | Wellington Graphic Design
I designed this Mailchimp template for my client Room of Beauty, who now uses this template to create and send her own email newsletters.

Tips and Tricks

Here are some recommendations:

  • Test your email thoroughly before sending

  • Schedule your email to send at optimal times

  • Share your email link on social media

  • Analyse your Send Report to see what people like

  • Respect privacy and provide easy preference updates

  • Stick to professional, relevant content

What NOT to Do:

  • Email people without permission

  • Use personal details without consent

  • Create overly long emails

  • Send randomly without a planned schedule

By following these simple steps, you'll improve your email marketing and connect better with your audience.

If you'd like some assistance in creating the look of your newsletter, I offer this service as an add-on for existing clients. Feel free to get in touch to find out more.


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