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Six Tips to Boost Your Website Traffic

Six Tips to Boost Your Website Traffic with Designerbloom Graphic Design Wellington

Ever found yourself wondering why your beautifully crafted website isn't getting the traffic it truly deserves?

Trust me, I've been there too! Building an exceptional website is just the beginning; there are a few extra spices you might want to sprinkle on your secret sauce to climb up those search rankings...

If you have a technical streak, you've probably enjoyed watching your website climb through the pages over the years. While nailing SEO is undoubtedly crucial, driving traffic to your website is equally essential for a top-notch ranking. Today, I'm sharing six ingredients to help your customers find you in this vast digital landscape.

1 / Blogs, Blogs, Blogs:

Write compelling and helpful blog posts, and save them on your website. Not only does it showcase your expertise, but it also establishes your authority on the subject.

2 / Share Your URL Everywhere:

Be shameless about it! Put your website URL on everything – postcards, email signatures, car signage, and all your social media pages. Let the world know where the magic happens!

3 / Online Directories and "People We Love" Pages:

Sign up for online directories, especially when your business is in its infancy. Craft a brief description, and don't forget to include that all-important link to your website. Consider partnering with other businesses and cross-share each other's URLs.

4 / Entice with Sign Ups, Promos, and Freebies:

Who can resist a good deal? Offer promotions, freebies, or sign-up incentives to draw people to your site. It's a win-win!

5 / Shout it Out in Your Local Newspaper:

Have a new website, rebranded, or launched a fresh business? Reach out to your local newspaper for a feature. Sharing your story with the community creates a personal connection.

6 / Keep it Fresh with Regular Updates:

Just like your home or retail shop, your website needs a bit of sprucing up regularly. Update your content, add new images, or make a few tweaks. Writing fresh blogs comes in handy here!

Remember, building website traction is a marathon, not a sprint. Enjoy the journey, and if you ever need a friendly chat about your digital adventures, I'm here. Take care and chat soon!


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