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The Designerbloom Tidy-Up Logo Package is suitable if you already have a logo but are not entirely happy with it and require some alterations such as colour, layout, position or font. Also suitable if you require an icon version for websites, or a vector file. With a quick turnaround, you will receive a professional and polished logo collection to enhance your business.

What's included:

  • 1 refined primary logo (the logo which will be used first and foremost on all your literature)
  • Up to 3 logo revisions (within 1 month of start date)
  • Print-friendly logo supply (high-resolution vector files for printing purposes)
  • Web-friendly logo supply (specifically created for online use including png with a transparent background and jpg, sent in small, medium and large sizes. More information about file types can be found on my blog.)
  • Facebook Profile graphic of logo
  • Facebook Header graphic of logo
  • Instagram Icon graphic of logo
  • Favicon (an icon for your website displayed in the browser address bar)
  • Logo Guidelines (includes details of fonts used, colour breakdown, and logo usage instructions)

Client's hand drawn logo

Redrawn logo

Original logo

After the Tidy-Up process

Concept art

Concept art

Original logo

Looks ok – but this was created as a non-vector format. This is often the case when purchasing a logo using automatic online logo creators.

When you zoom in you see pixelation. This format of logo is ok for online use, but not for printing, or if you wanted to use the logo to create signage or vehicle decals for advertising.

After the Tidy-Up process

Recreated to be in a vector format, with slightly altered typography and iconic graphics to reflect the clients' unique requirements.

Now when you zoom in the image is still perfectly clear. Vector logos can be reproduced at any scale with lossless information, meaning it will always appear crisp with perfect lines.

Benefits of owning a vector logo

Your logo can easily be altered to suit requirements, for example the reverse format below (black logo on white background), icons for use as your website favicon or Instagram profile, signage, advertising, or vehicle decals.


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