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Elevating Brands Through Contract Designing

My Contract Design Services offer access to specialised design expertise without the long-term commitment and overhead costs associated with hiring a full-time designer.

Assisting Cigna's Rebranding Journey: Unveiling the Chubb Transformation

In the period of 2022-2023, I had the privilege of playing a pivotal role in the rebranding of Cigna, one of New Zealand's leading insurance companies, into the dynamic entity we now know as Chubb.

Throughout a 9-month part-time contract, I had the opportunity to immerse myself in a diverse range of 57 projects, each contributing to the successful transformation.

While confidentiality restrictions limit the display of content, I am thrilled to present a curated selection of my favourite projects, primarily focusing on designs for internal communications. Despite the sensitivity of the business information, this collection provides a glimpse into the creative achievements.

Guided by the vibrant colour palette and the engaging imagery style of the Chubb branding guidelines, I had the pleasure of bringing their vision to life.

Verbal reference available from Joe Turnbull, Brand and Communications Senior Manager, Wellington
M +64 21 565 923

Many of the widely used Cigna assets needed to be rebranded into Chubb, following the Chubb branding guidelines. Below are examples of the new Newsletter layout and use guides, new website page layouts and guides for the Web Development Team to follow and implement, and new Briefing documents for internal use. 

BELOW ~ The existing Landing Page was without energy or vibrance, so I provided a selection of alternative design options to consider. These two concepts were my personal favourites. 

BELOW ~ a selection of in-house desktop backgrounds to celebrate different events throughout the year.

BELOW ~ a collection of posters were also created for internal use to advertise different events within the company. 

An illustrated series of NZ birds was required to identify the different meeting rooms/ office spaces throughout the Chubb building. They were printed as wall decals .

BELOW ~ I took the old generic Recycling Bins posters and turned them into new Chubb branded posters.

Throughout the 9-month contract period I worked on numerous icons for use throughout the company. The below shows some icons created for internal newsletters, and the internal Social Club.


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