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Fashion Logo

Elegance, sophistication, class... make a statement with this simple yet powerful font combination. This logo can be adapted through colour to pair well with a variety of fashion labels, or other creative industries.

Ideal if your brand is:

  • High end
  • Sophisticated
  • Elegant


The letting choice of fi makes this logo work so perfectly. Send me your wording requirements and I'll see if this logo could work well for you and your brand too.

Copywriter Logo

A playful approach with this slab serif font, and subtle semi-colon use with the letter y. A powerful logo in black and white, but can be softened with any colour scheme.

Ideal if your brand is:

  • Edgy
  • Confident
  • Creative


This logo works well due to the names not utilising letters which run into each other. The semi-colon works due to the dot effect in the y.

Beauty Logo

The compressed kerning of this typography really brings this logo the wow factor. Paired with the delicate petal elements this branding would be a perfect match for natural beauty products.

Ideal if your brand is:

  • Natural
  • Quality
  • Handmade


This logo works well due to the layering of the first letters bb. Send me your ideal word choice and I will see if I can make this work for you!

Virtual Assistant Logo

This design uses a clean sans-serif typeface and a flowing feminine icon. The use of all caps establishes a confident and contemporary vibe, while the subtle letter quirks introduce a creative and edgy personality.

Ideal if your brand is:

  • Confident
  • Contemporary
  • Creative


This design would adapt well to any business name. Although, this design shines due to its custom icon using the letters V and A, making it ideal for a virtual assistant.

Inclusions for all designs

You will receive the primary logo, secondary layout and brand icon displayed within the set. You will also receive a PDF Brand Style Guide featuring your logo, colour palette and fonts, as selected by you during the purchasing process.


Please note: the fonts, photography, and graphic elements shown on this page (including any stationary designs which demonstrate use) are not included in your purchase.


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