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YES! 10 free tiles!

These 10 tiles would complement any beauty business. With popular quotes including “I woke up like this” and “people will stare, make it worth their while” you will instantly engage your audience and drive dream clients to your business.

Each design consists of a generically-styled serif font message, a sans serif comment, and a hand-written-style accent font. By using these fonts it enables each tile to easily slide in to any Instagram feed without looking out of place. The minimal black and white styling will also blend in to any brand despite your primary branding colours.

Before you can access these tiles, I’d like you to read the FAQs below...


Are they really free?

They sure are! HOWEVER (there’s always a catch!) you MUST tag Designerbloom in each post you create. By tagging me I not only get the enjoyment of seeing your feed become gorgeous, but you’re also exposing Designerbloom to a wider audience - it’s win-win for us both!

But I don’t want to tag Designerbloom...

I understand that, especially if you’re projecting a stong brand and do not wish to dilute it in any way. If you do not wish to tag me in your posts then you must purchase this set. Please contact me for details.

I love them! But can you please customise them to my brand?

Absolutely! I can add your logo, alter the fonts, and change the colours! Please contact me for a quote.

Why should I use these?

The most popular tiles layout is when people alternate between a photo and a quote. By using simple word tiles in your feed you're visually breaking it up and providing your viewers with a break from any image-heavy content.

The below button will automatically download a compressed/zipped folder containing your 10 tiles free to use on your social media accounts with credit or tagging of Designerbloom.

YOU MUST DOWNLOAD ONTO YOUR DESKTOP PC - NOT ON YOUR PHONE because the folder is compressed.

Instagram: @designerbloom
Facebook: /designerbloom
Pinterest: /designerbloom_graphicdesign
Twitter: @DesignerbloomGD

(Problems downloading / opening your files? Just let me know).

Keep checking back here!

I’ll be adding more free content soon. In the meantime, check out the Designerbloom creation process, client comments, and some of the services I offer below: 


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